Grand Debuts LG Appliances, Interactive Training Center

This was a big week for Grand Appliance and TV. We simultaneously unveiled our new interactive training center and introduced a new brand, LG Appliances, to the entire sales staff.

Grand Training Center

Grand is truly putting its money where its mouth is with a brand new, state-of-the art training center at its corporate headquarters in Zion. We regularly claim to have the best sales, delivery, installation and customer service personnel in the industry and training is a HUGE part of that.

Entry to Training Center

Entry to Training Center

The new training center gives us a place to conduct centralized training for all of our employees in both classroom and hands-on formats. For classroom learning, we have enough space for 20-25 students seated at tables in the room. For audio visual aides, we’ve installed a 110″ projection screen, 1080p HD projector and premium surround sound system with in-ceiling speakers and two in-wall subwoofers. Both the projector and the screen recess up into the ceiling when not in use for a cleaner look.

Training Room AV

Training Room AV

Our expert custom AV team installed all the gear along with a sophisticated control system that drops the screen, drops the projector, dims the lights and sets all the inputs with just one click on the remote. The control system is a Universal Remote Control Total Control solution, which can control just about everything in your home or office from a remote control, smartphone or tablet.

For hands-on training, we have a fully functional appliance suite complete with a washer, dryer, under-counter beverage fridge, range, over-the-range-microwave, dishwasher, under-counter ice-maker and counter-depth refrigerator with ice and water dispenser. Everything is fully installed and live so salespeople can see and test the appliances themselves. We also have additional live hookups so our delivery and install teams can learn all proper techniques for delivering and installing the products we sell.

Live Kitchen

Live Kitchen

Introducing LG Apliances!

When our customers speak, we listen. We started hearing more and more customers ask for LG appliances so we decided to do our homework.

We don’t take adding a new brand lightly. Our business is based on building lifetime relationships with customers through competitive pricing and superior customer service. As such, we look for brands with a strong reputation, high-value product mix and a commitment to customer satisfaction. We found LG to be perfect fit and are proud to add them to our floor.

Grand will carry the full LG line including refrigerators, ranges, microwaves, washers, dryers and dishwashers. Product has begun rolling out to Grand stores and our salespeople have had plenty of hands-on experience and training with LG’s factory trainers in the sales center. Click here to see our selection in person at a store near you.

LG Sales Training in Action

LG Sales Training in Action

Here are just a few innovative LG appliances you’ll see on the floor at Grand.

LFX31945ST: 31 cubic foot French door fridge with door with Door-In-Door technology

How many times have you watched your kids open the refrigerator door and stand there gazing wide-eyed as cold air escapes? Wouldn’t it be great to give them easy access to all the things they consume most like milk, drinks, condiments and even small snacks like string cheese, yogurt, etc? Well look no further than LG’s LFX31945ST 31 cubic foot fridge with exclusive Door-In-Door technology. Available on select French door models, Door-In-Door technology allows you to access common items easily without fully opening the fridge.

See the pictures below. The top right side door is where all the magic happens. Pull the handle and the door opens like any other French door fridge. But push a little button hidden on the handle and you’ll open an outside door that reveals just the contents of the door bins. The doors bins are semi-enclosed to maintain temperature in refrigerator when the outer door is opened.

WT1101CW With Lid Open

WT1101CW With Lid Open


WT1101CW: 4.3 cubic foot HE top-load washer with front-mounted controls and Smart Diagnostics


Want a top-load washer but have trouble reaching or reading the controls on the back panel? Check out LG’s WT1101CW with industry-exclusive front-mounted controls. Everything is right up front in a simple, intuitive user interface that will simplify your laundry experience. If that’s not enough, WT1100CW also features rock solid direct drive motor protected by LG’s limited 10-year warranty and SmartDiagnosis, a web-enabled feature that helps you or a service center diagnose problems with your unit without a tech ever setting foot in your home.

LMH2016ST: 2.0 cubic foot over the range microwave with ExtendaVent technology

tc otr slide2

Profile View of LMH2016ST with ExtendaVent

Over-the-range microwaves with built-in ventilation are nothing new, but the concept has always been more about saving counter-top space than providing quality ventilation. Look at your microwave and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Chances are it only covers the two back burners of your range. The more frequently used front burners are exposed. Unless the smoke, steam and grease created by those burners makes a U-turn and exits through the vent, its going to rise freely and most likely end up on the face of your microwave, cabinet fronts and ceiling. Not so with ExtenaVent technology featured on select models like LG’s LMH2016ST. It features a slide-out vent for coverage of your entire range-top, not just the back burners.


New Bosch Dishwashers Have Arrived At Grand

The new Bosch dishwashers have arrived at Grand. There are some pretty cool features with the new line that separate it from other brands.

I could talk about superior quality claims, but that’s old news with Bosch. Every year the brand is a fixture atop quality rankings from leading consumer publications. In fact, Bosch dishwashers recently received #1 ratings from trusted sources like JD Power, Energy Star and Consumer Reports.

Same thing when it comes to quiet. Bosch has been universally regarded as one of the quietest dishwasher brands for more than a decade. So, while its impressive that the new line was rated as the quietest brand in America with models reaching decibel ratings of 38dBA, I simply chalk that up to more of the same from Bosch.

For me, the buzz around the new line is all about innovative design changes that enhance the flexibility of the line. The design changes affect both form and function as described in the sections below.

NOTE: If you’re interested in learning more about what makes Bosch an industry leader for quality, quiet operation, click here.

Form: New Door Front Options

The line features four dishwasher door front options as shown below.

13-Bosch dw launch handles2

  • Recessed Handle: The only door style with visible controls. The control panel is angled upward for easier control from a standing position. MSRPs starting at $649.
  • Flush Handle: Hidden controls door style with inset handle. The stainless version features a fully wrapped stainless steel door eliminating the black trim on most competitive models. Great option for hidden controls without a protruding handle. MSRPs starting at $799 MSRP
  • Bar Handle: Essentially a continuation of the handle style used throughout Bosch’s line of kitchen appliances, but also adds the unique, fully-wrapped stainless steel door featured on the flush handle door style above. MSRPs starting at $649.
  • Custom Panel: Like the bar handle design, the custom panel design is a continuation of previous custom panel models. MSRPs start at $849 plus the cost of a custom panel from your cabinet provider.

13-Bosch dw launch flush door-control lookWith these four options, Bosch is confident you’ll find a model to match your kitchen aesthetic – even if you’re replacing your dishwasher and the other appliances in your kitchen aren’t from Bosch. See the dishwasher shown to the right. This is an example of a flush handle door front. As you can see, there is no visible logo or Bosch branding anywhere on the front of the dishwasher. Instead, the logo is hidden with the dishwasher controls on the top of the door panel. The same is true of the bar handle option and custom panel door options. In other words, three of the four door options have absolutely no visible brand identification on the door of the dishwasher allowing for easy integration into a kitchen full of non-Bosch appliances.

What about custom kitchen installations? Can any of these be installed completely flush with standard-depth cabinetry? Absolutely. Each of the new dishwasher models, even the custom panel models, can be installed with the door front completely flush to your standard-depth cabinetry. Many other brands don’t even have a single dishwasher model capable of flush installation let alone the full line. When it comes to custom panel dishwashers, your flush mount options are even thinner. Bosch makes it easy to get the flush install you want. Simply pick the door style you like and rest assured it will fit seamlessly in your existing cabinetry. I know what you’re thinking, “Slimmer footprint? Must mean smaller capacity.” Not so. Bosch’s renowned team of engineers figured out how to reduce the overall depth while also increasing capacity!

The four door front options – including the non-branded options – and flush installation may seem like a small things, but a clean, unified look throughout the kitchen is very important to most of our customers. The appliances in the kitchen play a pivotal role in achieving this unified look – particularly if they’re heavily branded or have a unique handle or other exterior characteristic. Bosch’s door design changes ensure you can replace your existing dishwasher without worrying about it matching another appliance in your kitchen. Plus, if you choose a non-branded option you can enjoy all the benefits of owning a premium Bosch dishwasher with one less logo staring you in the face everyday.

Function: New and Improved Third Rack

The third rack concept itself is nothing new. In fact, many Bosch competitors have a three-rack solution of some sort included in their more premium models. If you’ve never seen a three-rack dishwasher or are unfamiliar with the feature, here’s a quick overview. The third rack is a shallow rack located at the top of the dishwasher tub originally developed to provide a better solution than the traditional silverware basket for cleaning silverware, cutlery, long spoons, spatulas, etc. You may never really think about your silverware basket, but there’s a couple key problems with your traditional silverware basket. First, it takes up valuable real estate on the bottom rack. Second, and more importantly, most baskets don’t allow for very thorough cleaning – particularly when the silverware has been haphazardly jammed into the compact slots in the basket. Plus, have you ever tried to put a large knife, spoon or other utensil in the basket? Doesn’t work so well in most dishwashers. In my house, these items are typically wedged into random openings on the other racks or – more likely – washed by hand.

13-bosch dw launch 3rd rack comparison

So what’s different about Bosch’s third rack? Take a look at the picture on the left for a comparison. For starters, notice the the third rack in Bosch’s new dishwasher is V-shaped while the “Other Guys'” rack is flat. This allows Bosch to not only accommodate silverware and low profile items like cooking spoons or larger cutlery but also oddly shaped items like whisks, tongs, ramekins, and even shallow bowls. The V-shape is key because it gives additional height in the center of the third rack – a spot that will likely have minimal impact on loading capacity of the rack beneath.

For added flexibility, the sides of the V on Bosch’s third rack can be lowered to the level of the center portion to accommodate several oddly shaped items. They lower independently allowing for one or both sides to be lowered for added space. Obviously adding space above reduces space below. That’s why all models with the third rack also feature a middle rack with Bosch’s RackMatic technology, a feature that allows you to easily raise or lower the middle rack based on your loading demands.

The adjustable V-shape combined with RackMatic technology increases the likelihood that you’ll actually use the functionality of the third rack. There’s no question that individually loading each piece of silverware into the third rack is far more cumbersome than simply tossing the soiled silverware into the traditional basket. That’s a key reason that most dishwasher manufacturers – Bosch included – still ship a traditional basket with their three-rack models. Many customers would just rather use the basket – or at least have the option to do so. With the V-shaped third rack and RackMatic technology, you have the option of using the third rack for silverware only to maximize your space elsewhere, loading silverware in the basket to maintain total flexibility in the top two racks or some combination of the two.


When you combine the flexibility created by Bosch’s innovative design changes with its continued superiority in high-quality, quiet operation, you’ve got a line of dishwashers few competitors can match. Click here to view our full Bosch dishwasher offering online. If you’d like to see the new models in person and talk through your options with one of our factory trained sales professionals, click here to find the store nearest you.