New Website

Introducing our brand new website! The entire site was designed around improving the customer experience. Please let us know what you think by commenting at the bottom of the page.

Here are some of the highlights of the new site:

Conforms to Any Size Screen

The new site features responsive design, which conforms the website on the fly to any screen size without losing functionality of the full site. It’s a different take on the mobile website concept. With a mobile website, the full website recognizes you’re accessing it from a mobile device and redirects you to a version of the website they’ve built for mobile browsers. The mobile site mirrors the main site, but is often watered down and lacks certain functionality to make it simpler on the smaller device. With responsive design, you never leave the full site; the full site merely conforms its layout and functionality to your screen. Nothing is lost.

Responsive design also allows for more variation. Take Apple for example: Between iPhone and iPad you have 10 different screen layouts possible when you consider all the models and portrait and landscape configurations. Where do you draw the line? Who gets the full site and who gets the mobile site? Intermediate sizes like iPad Mini or one of the new, larger-screened iPhone 6 or 6 Plus get stuck in between. Responsive design accommodates for these variations resulting in a better experience on any device.

Delivery Tracker

We’ve used smart GPS technology to track our drivers in real-time years but have never made it available to you. Shame on us! Now you can track your delivery from the time it leaves Grand to the time it arrives at your house. Simply click Track Your Delivery in the upper right of the page. You can begin tracking your order the day before delivery. In the early evening, usually around 5PM, you’ll be able to log on and check your time window for the following day’s delivery. On the day of delivery, you can track your truck’s progress as it nears your stop. Need to run a quick errand, you’ve got instant access to your truck and can gauge your opportunity accordingly.

Enhanced Product Listings

We’ve beefed up our product listings to include more content and a better layout. From improved photos, descriptions and specs to more content like spec sheets, manuals, guides and even videos, we set forth to design a site that provided industry leading information in a visually pleasing way.

Enhanced Searching

We worked hard to make sure it was easy to find what you wanted regardless of how you searched. The search box features smart functionality for mid-search suggestions and partial model numbers. When you shop by category you’ll find a simple layout with easy to navigate drop-down options. Shop by brand or even shop for items that are on sale or discontinued by clicking Deals or Outlet. Once you get into our search, you’ll find a greatly improved catalog layout complete with a full array of filters and options for narrowing your search to find the right item for you.


Grand Debuts LG Appliances, Interactive Training Center

This was a big week for Grand Appliance and TV. We simultaneously unveiled our new interactive training center and introduced a new brand, LG Appliances, to the entire sales staff.

Grand Training Center

Grand is truly putting its money where its mouth is with a brand new, state-of-the art training center at its corporate headquarters in Zion. We regularly claim to have the best sales, delivery, installation and customer service personnel in the industry and training is a HUGE part of that.

Entry to Training Center

Entry to Training Center

The new training center gives us a place to conduct centralized training for all of our employees in both classroom and hands-on formats. For classroom learning, we have enough space for 20-25 students seated at tables in the room. For audio visual aides, we’ve installed a 110″ projection screen, 1080p HD projector and premium surround sound system with in-ceiling speakers and two in-wall subwoofers. Both the projector and the screen recess up into the ceiling when not in use for a cleaner look.

Training Room AV

Training Room AV

Our expert custom AV team installed all the gear along with a sophisticated control system that drops the screen, drops the projector, dims the lights and sets all the inputs with just one click on the remote. The control system is a Universal Remote Control Total Control solution, which can control just about everything in your home or office from a remote control, smartphone or tablet.

For hands-on training, we have a fully functional appliance suite complete with a washer, dryer, under-counter beverage fridge, range, over-the-range-microwave, dishwasher, under-counter ice-maker and counter-depth refrigerator with ice and water dispenser. Everything is fully installed and live so salespeople can see and test the appliances themselves. We also have additional live hookups so our delivery and install teams can learn all proper techniques for delivering and installing the products we sell.

Live Kitchen

Live Kitchen

Introducing LG Apliances!

When our customers speak, we listen. We started hearing more and more customers ask for LG appliances so we decided to do our homework.

We don’t take adding a new brand lightly. Our business is based on building lifetime relationships with customers through competitive pricing and superior customer service. As such, we look for brands with a strong reputation, high-value product mix and a commitment to customer satisfaction. We found LG to be perfect fit and are proud to add them to our floor.

Grand will carry the full LG line including refrigerators, ranges, microwaves, washers, dryers and dishwashers. Product has begun rolling out to Grand stores and our salespeople have had plenty of hands-on experience and training with LG’s factory trainers in the sales center. Click here to see our selection in person at a store near you.

LG Sales Training in Action

LG Sales Training in Action

Here are just a few innovative LG appliances you’ll see on the floor at Grand.

LFX31945ST: 31 cubic foot French door fridge with door with Door-In-Door technology

How many times have you watched your kids open the refrigerator door and stand there gazing wide-eyed as cold air escapes? Wouldn’t it be great to give them easy access to all the things they consume most like milk, drinks, condiments and even small snacks like string cheese, yogurt, etc? Well look no further than LG’s LFX31945ST 31 cubic foot fridge with exclusive Door-In-Door technology. Available on select French door models, Door-In-Door technology allows you to access common items easily without fully opening the fridge.

See the pictures below. The top right side door is where all the magic happens. Pull the handle and the door opens like any other French door fridge. But push a little button hidden on the handle and you’ll open an outside door that reveals just the contents of the door bins. The doors bins are semi-enclosed to maintain temperature in refrigerator when the outer door is opened.

WT1101CW With Lid Open

WT1101CW With Lid Open


WT1101CW: 4.3 cubic foot HE top-load washer with front-mounted controls and Smart Diagnostics


Want a top-load washer but have trouble reaching or reading the controls on the back panel? Check out LG’s WT1101CW with industry-exclusive front-mounted controls. Everything is right up front in a simple, intuitive user interface that will simplify your laundry experience. If that’s not enough, WT1100CW also features rock solid direct drive motor protected by LG’s limited 10-year warranty and SmartDiagnosis, a web-enabled feature that helps you or a service center diagnose problems with your unit without a tech ever setting foot in your home.

LMH2016ST: 2.0 cubic foot over the range microwave with ExtendaVent technology

tc otr slide2

Profile View of LMH2016ST with ExtendaVent

Over-the-range microwaves with built-in ventilation are nothing new, but the concept has always been more about saving counter-top space than providing quality ventilation. Look at your microwave and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Chances are it only covers the two back burners of your range. The more frequently used front burners are exposed. Unless the smoke, steam and grease created by those burners makes a U-turn and exits through the vent, its going to rise freely and most likely end up on the face of your microwave, cabinet fronts and ceiling. Not so with ExtenaVent technology featured on select models like LG’s LMH2016ST. It features a slide-out vent for coverage of your entire range-top, not just the back burners.