New at Grand: Small Appliances, Expanded Vacuum Offering

We’re proud to announce the Grand store nearest you will soon feature a full display of small appliances and a larger display of vacuum cleaners. Displays are currently under construction and everything is in stock. Here’s our first installation in the Zion location.

2013 small appliance display

Small Appliance Offering

We’ve had small appliances for sale on our website for several months now, but this marks the first time we’ve displayed blenders, toasters, mixers, coffee makers and more in our stores for take-with sales. The in-store assortment is a mix of our most popular models from KitchenAid and Frigidiaire Professional.

Expanded Vacuum Offering

Our vacuum offering has been limited thus far to Miele’s line of high performance vacuums. While Miele makes a great vacuum, perhaps the best in the business, they’re not for everyone. So we’ve expanded our offering to include Dyson, Electrolux and Eureka as well. Now we have a vacuum cleaner solution for every application and every budget.


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