Grand Has iPads!

Well, sort of. We’re not selling iPads, but we have them. Just about every one of us. That means when you walk into a Grand Appliance and TV location, your salesperson will not only be armed with the expertise and consultative selling approach you’ve come to expect from Grand, but also an iPad – and a world of information, interesting content and other tools to aid in your buying decision.

When did this happen?

Its been in the works for a while, but everyone got their new toys last night (June 6, 2013). We closed down the entire operation and gathered the entire sales force, management team and key operations personnel together for a company event to kick off the program. In total, 67 iPads were distributed to Grand employees across the organization.

The iPads were distributed last night (6/6/2013) at an all staff meeting to kick off Grand's iPad initiative.

Our stack of 67 iPads at the event to kick off our iPad Program (June 6, 2013)

Why are we doing this?

Simply put, we want to improve your experience at Grand and get better at what we do. iPads give us a valuable tool for both. Here’s a few ways we plan to use the iPads to enhance your in-store experience.

Competitive Price Checks

We can be more than competitive with the big box stores and we’re eager to prove it. Each salesperson’s iPad has been pre-configured with a smart price scanning app tailored for appliances, TVs and bedding. It grabs real time pricing from our local competition, even our larger regional competitors.

You may be wondering why we’re so eager to potentially lose profits by showing you what everyone else is doing. Well, that’s simple. We’re confident you’ve always gotten the best deal when you’ve shopped at Grand. We just never went out of our way to prove it. Now we are.

So, come on in, shop our vast selection, take advantage of our product expertise and know for a fact you’re getting the very best price – every time.

Quick Access to Specs and Product Information

We take a lot of pride in knowing the products we sell inside and out, but there are times when we need to double-check something to be sure we’re giving you the right information. Running back and forth to the computer to verify product information can really slow down a sale. Plus, starting and stopping can creates a pretty disjointed buying experience. With an iPad, we can answer any question you have about a product without stepping away. In addition, we can use dedicated apps from the brands we represent to take you on an interactive walk through each brand’s product offering.

Video Demonstrations

Most of the brands we represent have a wealth of content on video services like YouTube. In the past, if we thought one of these videos would help you understand a feature or product better, we had to walk away from the product and saddle up at one of our computers in the office area to access the video. Now, just like with the specs and information above, we can instantly access that video without leaving the product.

Smart Product Demonstrations

Many of the electronics products we sell can access web-enabled content and feature some degree of control via smartphone or tablet. Appliances and even bedding brands are following suit. Its one thing to talk about it, but we want to show you. Take Sonos multi-room audio products as an example. Sonos makes it ultra-simple to play your iTunes, favorite radio station, Pandora feeds and more in any room of your house thanks to their intuitive, user-friendly app for smart devices. I could spend the next 5,000 words talking about the what makes the app so special and I wouldn’t even touch the impact you’d get from a simple two minute hands-on demo.

Sonos App for iPad

Sonos App for iPad

In addition, let me be clear, all smart control apps are NOT created equal. Some load faster than others, are more intuitive than others, more capable than others, etc. If smart features are a key factor in your buying decision, the last thing we want is for you to be surprised when your so-called smart device isn’t quite as smart as you had hoped. We’d prefer you compare the products with smart features in the store to increase the chance that you’ll actually use and enjoy the features.

Email Integration

In retail, we work odd schedules. In fact, it’s not uncommon for our salespeople to work Saturday and Sunday and then have two days off during the week. This can make getting in touch with your salesperson difficult if you catch them on the wrong day. No longer the case. Each salesperson’s Grand email account has been integrated into their iPad. Our salespeople are true professionals and as such they requested the ability to stay connected to their customers – even when they’re away from the office. This small feature alone will allow us to provide faster responses to your urgent matters.



These are just a few of the ways we plan to integrate iPads into our business at the store level. There are many more ways we’ll use these devices and their roll in our operation will only expand as technology improves. We hope this program is a signal to you, our customers, that Grand is committed to doing whatever we can to stay provide you with the absolute best shopping experience.