Spice up your Summertime Fun With Great Sound

If you’re looking for a way to easily add high quality sound to your outdoor fun this summer, consider an Outcast speaker system from Soundcast


An Outcast weather resistant speaker system is by far the simplest solution for high quality outdoor sound. Simply plug it in, connect your iPod, smart phone or tablet and enjoy your favorite playlists and music services outside. Better yet, charge the built-in battery and take it anywhere you want for up to 15 hours of quality music output.

High Performance Output

Outcast’s unique design allows you to fill even large outdoor spaces with rich, stereo sound. Models feature four strategically positioned omni-directional speakers and a built-in subwoofer to deliver 360-degrees of stereo sound. 

Wireless Streaming Music

Want to be completely wireless? No problem. Select Outcast systems ship with Soundcast’s wireless iPod docking station, which allows you to stream music from your iPod or iPhone to the speaker system. The dock even features an input for connection to your computer, stereo, home theater or even your TV allowing you to stream your favorite CD, the ball game, Pandora and more to your Outcast system. With a wireless range of up to 300ft., the docking system is a great solution for virtually any application.

Models and Options

Outcast speaker systems are available in two sizes. The full-size Outcast speaker system features a 100-watt amplifier and 8″ subwoofer. Suggested retail is $899 for the speaker itself or $999 for the speaker and  wireless iPod dock bundle pack.

The more compact Outcast Jr. features a 60-watt amplifier and 6.5″ subwoofer. The compact size is perfect for portability. It even ships complete with a 12-volt car adapter making it the perfect tailgating solution. Suggest retail is $599 for the speaker itself or $699 for the speaker and wireless iPod bundle pack.


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