GE Brings Jobs Back to America

Today GE (NYSE:GE) unveiled its brand new factory in Louisville, Kentucky. GE will leverage skilled American labor at the new plant to produce its new state of the art French door bottom freezer refrigerator series featuring the most advanced ice and water dispenser on the market today. French door bottom freezer models were previously built overseas by Samsung.

The new facility is expected to add 600 jobs to the local economy and is the second manufacturing facility to open in GE’s Appliance Park in the past six weeks. GE’s new Louisville manufacturing facilities are expected to add $1.6 billion directly or indirectly to the state’s economy according to independent consulting firm Tripp Umbach. What’s more, the firm also found that GE’s Kentucky manufacturing efforts will support more than 12,000 jobs, with nearly 5,000 direct employees.

“Today’s Appliance Park milestone is proof that when businesses, unions and employees work together, we can deliver innovative solutions to the marketplace and demonstrate that U.S.-based manufacturing can be competitive,” said GE Appliances President and CEO Charles “Chip” Blankenship. “GE Appliances is a shining example of what is working in U.S. manufacturing, and we’re excited about what this new production line means for the future of our business. We know we could not have reached this milestone without our partners, such as the local union, government leaders at all levels and our 4,000 incredibly hard working Louisville employees.” 

The move is certainly a refreshing change for GE and the appliance industry in general. We hope to see more of this from GE and other brands in the future so we can market products made right here at home to our customers.