ZVOX Home Theater Review

ZVOX Audio Base

ZVOX Audio Base

Do you want big sound but you’re tired of bulky components, messy wires and complicated setups? ZVOX audio’s ZBASE theater systems are the perfect solution for you.

Unique Styling

The innovative ZBASE system is a low profile rectangular box that sits on your AV stand beneath your TV. Simply set the TV on top of your ZBASE system and the sleek cabinet blends in with the base of your flat panel TV. Your guests won’t even notice its there – that is until they hear it.

Premium Sound

The sound from a ZVOX audio system is amazing. You get realistic surround sound output from the five compact drivers lining the front of the system’s cabinet. In addition, ZVOX systems delivery stunningly clear dialog, particularly when in Dialog Emphasis mode. The system’s built-in subwoofer delivers outstanding bass that rivals stand-alone subwoofers in most systems.

Simple Setup and Operation

ZVOX systems are extremely easy to set up and use. Simply connect one cable from your TV to the system and you’re done. ZVOX systems have additional inputs for music sources including a front mounted mini jack for your iPod. Best of all, the ZVOX system works with any remote. It can learn your TV, cable or satellite remote commands so you can use the remote control you’re familiar with and eliminate the pile of remotes from your table top.

ZVOX has received rave reviews from traditional audio stalwarts like Stereophile, Sound & Vision and Home Theater as well as popular outlets like The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune and MSNBC. Visit us today to see it in action for yourself. You’ll be amazed at the quality, design and simplicity of ZVOX audio systems.

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