Elite HDTVs are back!

Elite LED TV

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Grand is pleased to welcome Elite back to the HDTV landscape after a few years away from the TV world. The new Elite HDTV lineup includes two LED backlit models; a 60″ at $5,499 and a 70″ at $7,999.

Elite LED?

The switch to LED technology is a departure from Elite’s heritage as a high end plasma TV brand. For years, Elite plasma TVs were regarded as the industry standard for superior design and picture quality. Despite the switch to LED, Elite is confident it will continue to set the standard by which all other competitors will be judged.

I for one would have to agree. I installed both the 60″ and 70″ set in our Libertyville location yesterday in a room that features top of the line LED TVs from Samsung and Toshiba as well as top of the line plasmas from Samsung and Panasonic. I could clearly see the Elite difference compared to the other sets I previously regarded as the best in the industry. As I informally polled customers and salespeople I got the same response over and over. Quite simply, the Elite picture blew away the competition on our floor.

The First Compromise-Free HDTV

Elite LED TVs are a breath of fresh air for those that demand the best. I’m admittedly a plasma fan because I, like many critics, feel it offers deeper black levels, more lifelike color and better motion response than comparable LEDs. However, plenty of LED fans that will point to LED’s brighter image, longer panel life, immunity to burn-in, thinner/lighter design and enhanced energy efficiency as reasons to choose LED over plasma. Bottom line, choosing one over the other means you have to compromise certain features for others.

Therein lies a fundamental problem – if I’m buying a premium TV, why should I have to compromise? With Elite, I don’t have to anymore. Elite panels offer all the advantages of LED technology as well as the amazing black levels, crisp motion response and rich, lifelike color I expect out of top of the line plasma TVs.

How Do They Do It?

The secret to Elite’s superior picture is a collection of features Elite refers to as Intelligent Variable Contrast. The combination of features enhance the color gamut and automate control over brightness and backlight levels resulting in superior color depth, brilliance, detail and black levels. See below for an overview of each technology at work to make this happen.

  • RGB+Y Pixel Technology: Adds a yellow sub-pixel to the standard red/green/blue color palette to create a much broader range of colors on the screen.
  • Precision Color Plus: Enhances image accuracy by addressing each sub-pixel independently. The result is a picture with more than 8 million dots on the screen.
  • Gen-Ten Panel: Uses UV2A technology to achieve a high aperture level, which enables extremely high brightness by allowing up to 20% more light to pass through than from conventional LCDs.
  • Fluid Motion Technology: Combines an advanced frame creation system with unique scanning backlight technology, to create a greater than 240Hz effect — improving picture clarity and smoothness in movies and sports content.
  • Full Array LED Backlighting: Elite’s LED competitors use edge-lit LED technology, which means LED lights run along the border of the screen and shine inward to light the panel. This can create uneven lighting throughout the panel. Elite TVs evenly space the LED lights behind the picture to create an image that is an incredibly bright and evenly lit.
  • Local Dimming LEDs: The full array LED backlights can be selectively dimmed or brightened independently of each other. So unlike edge-lit sets that must dim the whole picture to create blacks, Elite LED TVs can create deep blacks without sacrificing the brighter areas of the picture.


With price points roughly twice as much as top of the line offerings from other brands I understand the Elite HDTV will not be a solution for everyone. However, rarely does a product come out claiming to be far and away the best and actually back up that claim. Elite has done that and they’ve made a believer out of me, which isn’t easy given my strident allegiance to plasma. So for those with demanding tastes and the wherewithal to stomach the  price tag, there isn’t a better HDTV option than the Elite LED TV.

By: Jeff Clemens, Electronics Buyer


Bosch brings a new level of quiet to its industry leading dishwashers

Bosch Logo

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According to Bosch, 38 percent of Americans feel the dishwasher is the noisiest product in their home. Bosch aims to reduce that number with its brand new line of dishwashers. Already well-known for quiet operation and incredible cleaning, Bosch has upped the ante with its new line claiming each dishwasher in the line will be quieter than any other similarly priced competitor.

To prove their claim, Bosch will publish sound ratings for each dishwasher in the line, which starts with the Ascenta Series at $549 and a sound rating of 50 decibels (dBA). The top of the line 800-Series Plus dishwashers rate at an incredible 39 dBA. To put that in perspective, the sound output doubles each time the decibel rating increases by three decibels. So the 800-Series Plus is almost four times quieter than the Ascenta series.

Features vary based on the series, but listed below are some common features in the Bosch dishwasher line that allow it to operate so quietly.

Three Level Insulation: Bosch blankets its dishwashers with three layers to dampen sound. The first is the stylish stainless steel wash tub. Second is a tar-like material called bitumen, which is baked onto the stainless tub. The third layer is a thick cotton blanket made of recycled jeans. Combined, these three layers do an outstanding job of absorbing sound and vibration created during the wash cycle.

Smart Spray Technology: Bosch divides the dishwasher into spray zones to aid in cleaning, efficiency and noise reduction. This ensures the spray will be focused on your dishes allowing Bosch dishwashers to clean effectively while using less water. In addition, focusing the spray on your dishes results in quieter clean because it doesn’t create additional sound by spraying against the stainless steel door and sides.

Disposal-Less Design: Many dishwashers include a noisy disposal that breaks down food particles in the dishwasher. Bosch has eliminated the disposal and replaced it with extremely high wash temperatures and a self-cleaning filter. The high heat wash breaks down food particles and disposes of them through the filter leaving your dishes ultra clean and 99.9 percent bacteria free.

Solid Molded Base: Bosch dishwashers feature a seamless, solid molded base and enhanced insulation to reduce vibration created during the wash cycle.

Brushless Motors: Bosch’s brushless dishwasher motors are virtually frictionless resulting in far less noise.

With its new line of dishwashers, Bosch has clearly continued to push the limits of engineering and design even further. To see these dishwashers in person, visit a Grand location near you and our knowledgeable sales associates will be happy to walk you through the different options. Click here to view a list of our locations.

ZVOX Home Theater Review

ZVOX Audio Base

ZVOX Audio Base

Do you want big sound but you’re tired of bulky components, messy wires and complicated setups? ZVOX audio’s ZBASE theater systems are the perfect solution for you.

Unique Styling

The innovative ZBASE system is a low profile rectangular box that sits on your AV stand beneath your TV. Simply set the TV on top of your ZBASE system and the sleek cabinet blends in with the base of your flat panel TV. Your guests won’t even notice its there – that is until they hear it.

Premium Sound

The sound from a ZVOX audio system is amazing. You get realistic surround sound output from the five compact drivers lining the front of the system’s cabinet. In addition, ZVOX systems delivery stunningly clear dialog, particularly when in Dialog Emphasis mode. The system’s built-in subwoofer delivers outstanding bass that rivals stand-alone subwoofers in most systems.

Simple Setup and Operation

ZVOX systems are extremely easy to set up and use. Simply connect one cable from your TV to the system and you’re done. ZVOX systems have additional inputs for music sources including a front mounted mini jack for your iPod. Best of all, the ZVOX system works with any remote. It can learn your TV, cable or satellite remote commands so you can use the remote control you’re familiar with and eliminate the pile of remotes from your table top.

ZVOX has received rave reviews from traditional audio stalwarts like Stereophile, Sound & Vision and Home Theater as well as popular outlets like The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune and MSNBC. Visit us today to see it in action for yourself. You’ll be amazed at the quality, design and simplicity of ZVOX audio systems.

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